A love for the Cretan landscape is one of the key philosophies behind Sentido Unique Blue. From Greece to the world, we’re committed to taking action to secure a healthy Earth for generations to come.
That’s why we’ve launched our Sustainable corporate strategy, making every step we take a step towards a brighter, greener future.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy use, contributing up to 30% of the total CO2 emissions. Consequently, we’ve created our space to minimise this impact as much as possible, using advanced computational methods for an energy efficient hotel. 

Sentido Unique Blue has a bioclimatic design, meaning that there is excellent thermal insulation that minimises the need for energy wastage. We learn from the planet, working together to live in harmony.

In addition, Sentido Unique Blue is committed to using renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic panels operate on the hotel terrace; our clean source of solar energy. We’ve also installed automatic control systems to limit energy usage; regulating, supervising and reporting on our smart building technology systems. 

The day-to-day runnings of Sentido Unique Blue are all centred around sustainability and environmental protection. We recycle all the waste we can, including water which is biologically purified and used in the gardens. Used kitchen oils are repurposed for biofuel production, while our hospitality venues exclusively use biodegradable straws. No disposable plastic is used on-site.

Every light fixture is fitted with an energy-efficient LED bulb, all dimmable and adaptable depending on the time of day by a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. Moreover, we use a DHW circuit to regulate our hot water usage, also serving to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria. There’s also two electric car chargers installed and operating in the hotel parking lot, available to all guests upon request.

With a stay at Sentido Unique Blue, you can rest assured knowing that your environmental values are being shared and celebrated. Together, we can build a happier Earth.